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About Shaun Binner & The Team Binner

Management of property business is a proficient and thought-provoking profession, and one should not make any compromises on this. As a real estate agent, trust, honesty, and commitment are pillars of our dealings with clients. I have good knowledge about my area, and I also have excellent communication skills. Matter of fact, the amount of satisfaction I get from serving clients is beyond words. For me, everyone is equally important, and most importantly, I deal in a way as if I am in a situation my client is in.

I can help you secure a most beneficial and profitable deal. I offer a comprehensive property investment service, geared at safeguarding and enhancing the value of residential and commercial properties in this sector. I pursue specifically the management of properties, including buyer’s Agent, listing Agent, Relocation, Foreclosure. I acknowledge that each property is discrete, and the bevy of our real estate services particularly suits the individual in need of each retainer and their investment. I always ensure that the needs of customers are met professionally and profitably. 

The Expert by Your Side is Shaun Binner 

When you’re selling: Owners can sell their property without a realtor, but the realtor provides significant assistance to the client like arranging a suitable market for the client, providing multiple listing platforms, helping to find qualified buyers, those who are interested in that type of property. We search for sold properties that are in that area, we then compare your property with those sold properties, based on this analysis, we help you decide whether to list it above that price or below that price depending on the condition of the property.

When you’re buying:  Firstly, it is vital to seek expert help to decide what type of property you are interested in buying. Whether it’s an apartment, a house, any specific town, or a plot. Secondly, the realtor needs to conceit the client’s budget. After knowing the desired location and budget, the realtor guides a suitable area and then verifies the client’s prequalification status. If you find a property that matches your criteria, our realtors will also negotiate for you. We also assist clients with the ambition of buying property for investment such as rental. We advise them whether it will give a good return or a poor return. Eventually, nothing is more important than the satisfaction of the client.

Realtors play a vital role in the real estate industry. Our job is to make your real estate dream become a reality. First-time buyers might find the process of finding homes and negotiating for the best prices complicated. Realtors are trained professionals, which means they are kind of real estate salesmen. Acquiring any property, especially a home is likely the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. So having a trustworthy realtor to help is the best way to ensure your home buying experience is a positive one. What they can expect if any red flags come up during the process and how to resolve them. We are eagerly waiting to assist you.